Dental Refiners, Inc. takes our responsibility to insure a clean and healthy place to live very seriously. We have always reprocessed and disposed of our metals and hazardous materials according to EPA guidelines. We are EPA approved and will provide you with a receipt letter following any purchase for your records. Part of our service is to continually update our knowledge of the rules and regulations required to make sure our customers’ scrap is handled in a safe and proper manner. We are proud to have been selected as one of only four dental scrap dealers in the country invited to the EPA conference in Washington, DC on proper waste disposal. Their confidence, and yours, is something we have earned during our 26 years of experience. We will continue to work to provide you with the same high quality service you have come to expect.

TRUST & RELIABILITY is what we're all about! We process your gold, high noble, and semi-precious scrap and have been servicing the dental industry since 1979.  Dental Refiners, Inc. is a national precious metal refining company headquartered in Stateline, Nevada.

Our precious metal buyers provide a personal and confidential service by coming directly to your office. They will weigh and evaluate your dental scrap based on the standard metal content. They're also prepared to handle any scrap of a different content, such as jewelry. Once the value has been established, our representative will make full settlement in the privacy of your own office. Our representatives are prepared to pay in cash or trade for gold coin. Our payments are based on the daily metal rates. Our precious metal buyers service each city four times a year. We also provide a “mail in” program. If you or one of your patients wish to turn in some scrap before our next visit, we will provide you with a postage paid mailer. Once the scrap is received it will be evaluated and a check is sent within seven days. (Please wrap all scrap so that it will withstand postal machinery.)

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Dental Refiners, Inc


Founded: 1979

Owner: Ellen and Andy Dauscher

Headquarters: Stateline, NV

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